TIME Women

TIME Women is a less-than-national edition aimed at 1.5 million TIME female readers.

TIME’s new targeted Women’s edition will feature incremental editorial content, entitled Currents, written specifically for TIME’s female readers. Covering topics on family, parenting, relationships, social trends, law and ethics, Currents is scheduled to coincide with Life Interpreted cover stories. Currents offers an efficient and relevant opportunity for advertisers seeking positioning within these agenda-setting societal issues.


  • Provides a unique way to target an audience of female gatekeepers responsible for household purchasing decisions
  • Unduplicated reach relative to traditional female titles
  • Offers a lower out-of-pocket rate compared to other women’s titles, helping drive efficiencies for your brands
  • A relevant, highly-engaging environment that continuously sparks the national conversation
2012 Issue Dates
Issue dates subject to change.
Note: TIME reserves the right to change covers pending major breaking news.
February 20 July 30
March 26 August 27
April 16 October 1
June 11 November 12
July 2 December 3

For more information, contact your TIME Sales Representative.

Updated March 13, 2012