Targeting provides innovative targeting solutions that allow advertisers to reach the right customer at the right place and time.

Targeting opportunities available on include:

  • Contextual – Target ad banners to channels that contain editorial that is most relevant to your product or brand, or where your target audience will likely spend most of their time on
  • Geo-Targeting – Location-based ad banner targeting by country, international regions, US ZIP codes, time zones and DMA (Designated Marketing Areas). Geo targeting is ideal for market-specific campaigns, and can be used to time online marketing efforts with regional media campaigns such as TV and radio.
  • Behavioral – Enables an advertiser to target users on based on previous engagement with a site, section of a site or specific content within the Time Inc network (including on Advertisers can also target users based on the industry in which they work (SIC code).
  • Dayparting – Target ad banners to visitors by time of day, based on typical online usage patterns.

To find out more about special features, and how you can benefit from placement in them, please contact your TIME Sales Representative.

Updated July 28, 2010