Advertising Opportunities

The newly redesigned offers advertisers a range of innovative ad placement options.

High Impact Advertising Opportunities

Any way you look at it, delivers a highly attractive audience to advertisers.

  • Targeted Rich Media Enabled Units: Use rich media to give your ad an interactive edge, targeted to content that showcases your advertising message
  • Fixed Home Page Sponsorships: Own a prominent fixed position on the home page of
  • Site for a Day: Make a huge impact through ownership of all rotating ad units on the site for one day
  • Full-Page Interstitials
  • Pre-Roll Video

Sponsorships That Offer Targeted Content… Maximum Reach… Exclusive Ownership

Creative ways to associate your ad with popular special sections, user tools or exclusive features.

  • Annual Editorial Special Sections
  • Custom Sponsored Sections/ Sponsored Archives
  • Email Newsletters
  • Search Sponsorship
  • Article Tools Sponsorship
  • Most Popular Sponsorship
  • Blogs
  • Pictures of the Week
  • Quotes of the Week

Emerging Media

Reach tech saavy users through writing edgy web and mobile features.

  • Podcasts
  • TIME Mobile
  • RSS Feeds Client Solutions can create custom programs for advertisers. Targeted platforms with relevant content, interactive features and tools engage readers while reinforcing an advertiser’s distinct message.

For more information, please contact your TIME Sales Representative.

Updated July 28, 2010